Roof Repairs

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About Roof Repairs

We provide a comprehensive and quality range of roofing services to both domestic and commercial customers. Roofs keep our homes/properties dry and being at a height take the brunt of the changeable weather conditions. We probably don't take much notice of our roofs but it is important to keep our roofs maintained as small minor problems can lead to bigger and more expensive problems, if repairs are not undertaken.

Broken, missing or loose roof tiles can easily be replaced.  Chimneys are often neglected but, over time the mortar between the brickwork will crack and crumble and could lead to the bricks being displaced or falling which could lead to more damage to the roof and, on anything below the roof.






Repair Services

The adverse weather conditions cause the mortar between the brickwork on the chimney to crack and crumble.The brickwork can be re-pointed and the chimney pots can be re-bedded. If chimneys are left un-maintained they can deteriorate quite quickly. If the chimney isn't maintained it can lead to them collapsing, and not only damaging your roof but putting you, your family or passers by in danger. Our highly skilled and experienced roofers can provide an expert repairs and maintenance service to ensure that your chimney is safe and secure for many years to come. 

We provide all roofing repair services, from minor roof tile replacements to installing a complete new roof installation, if required.  We carry out fascia, soffit and gutter repairs and upgrade to the new upvc systems, which have more advantages and no maintenance.  Roof verge repairs are also undertaken, removing cracked and crumbling mortar and replacing with new mortar, we also upgrade to dry verge systems and dry ridge systems, which also provide many more benefits than dealing with mortar repairs.  Although more expensive initially, the costs outweigh the regular maintenance of mortar based installations over the longetivity of upvc systems. Contact us for more information.

In most cases replacing missing, broken or loose roof tiles is all that is needed.  However, in some cases, if the roof is not cost effective to repair it may require a re-roof/new roof. Replacing the old membrane with a new breathable one, new treated battens and re-tiling. Our Re-Roofing service is designed to expertly replace your existing roof and install a beautiful and efficient new one for you; in whatever style, material or colour you require.

If you would no longer like a chimney on your domestic or commercial property, we do also provide a removal service. Utilising our vast experience in the roofing industry, we will safely and effectively remove the chimney from your roof, making sure not to damage any tiles or surrounding structures.